I was in complete awe merely watching the teaser trailer for the new PETER PAN film by director/co-screenwriter P.J. Hogan. Never did I expect to walk out of the theatre with the same reaction. In one word, the film is "enchanting." Most certainly some magic dust was involved with this majestic production.

This film is just pure magic. Children and adults alike are bound to fall under the spell of this magical tale of a boy who simply refused to grow up. When the Darling family children receive a visit from Peter Pan one night, they embark to the ultimate retreat destination for children: Neverland. There they meet the Lost Boys, fight with the evil, but lonely, Pirate Captain Hook (Jason Isaacs) and learn about growing up (and growing down).

The film does vary slightly from the original story, taking certain liberties by elaborating on the relationship between Peter and Wendy and omitting or reducing certain parts. However, the film stays admirably close in spirit (and in context), capturing the soul of this timeless fable.

This movie is incredibly strong in mostly any imaginable way. Just like as those special illustrated books that were capable of mesmerizing and transforming us into dream worlds as children, this film does not spare any of its filmic elements to produce the same effect. The stunning cinematography, costumes and effects are all spectacular in that not only are they stylish and impressive, but they are all crucial aspects of storytelling. They never overwhelm. Instead, they creates a sense of a dream world, but one that is quite plausibly real, and one that we feel like we are inches away from grasping.

The feel of the film is luring, dark, mysterious, exciting

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