Production on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues to roll along this week, and of course more photos have spilled from the New York based set. First up, Jamie Foxx is spotted as Max Dillon, disheveled in his Oscorp work uniform. We get to see a close-up of his badge, which reveals that the future Electro works in Electrical Engineering, with 4th level access to room 01-399. He is spotted interacting with Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), where they trade undisclosed blue prints. This weekend marked days 56 and 57 of the shoot. To celebrate, director Marc Webb went to Twitter to release a couple of his own images, revealing a look at tusks in a museum. Not quite as exciting as Spider-Man and Electro shaking hands, but cool none the less. Take a look.

By request of the studio, these images have been removed.