With the release of J.J. Abrams sci-fi sequel Star Trek Into Darkness just a few months away, producer Bryan Burk presented a screening of select scenes in Sau Paulo, Brazil showing the first thirty-eight minutes of the film (some of which was seen last year during the special /star-trek-into-darkness-9-minute-imax-preview/IMAX preview).

This sneak peek for the foreign press revealed the first chapter of the film, and has spoiled the identity of Peter Weller's character, a secret J.J. Abrams has tried to keep since production started last summer.

Need we say: Warning, Spoilers Ahead!

According to a report from Brazilian site Judao.com, Peter Weller is playing the character Admiral Marcus, the father of Alice Eve's Carol Marcus. He is the former first officer on a different U.S.S. starship, serving under Captain Robert April.

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This thirty-eight minutes of footage also reveals that Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is demoted for violating the Prime Directive on Nibiru by revealing his ship to the planet's natives in order to save Spock's life. This results in Captain Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) taking charge of the Enterprise, while Spock (Zachary Quinto) is shipped off to another star fleet vessel. Benedict Cumberbatch's mysterious John Harrison doesn't get much screen time in the first 38 minutes, and his true identity is still unknown.

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