Last weekend, Disney rolled out their beloved remake of Pete's Dragon, which has been a hit with critics, with an impressive 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It hasn't been faring terribly well at the box office, taking in just $29.7 million domestically and $35 million worldwide from a $65 million budget, but it's still very early in the release and it hasn't debuted in several international markets quite yet. While we wait to see how this remake fares this weekend, a hilarious mashup has debuted, which combines young Pete (Oakes Fegley) with a rather surprising character, Friday the 13th icon Jason Voorhees.

Funny Or Die put together this 90-second mashup, which combines footage from the Pete's Dragon trailer, with the dragon Elliot replaced by Jason Voorhees. Surprisingly, these stories mesh quite nicely, with Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard), a park ranger, explaining to her father Meachem (Robert Redford) that this young boy Pete has been living off the land in the woods for six years. When Meachem states there's no way a boy could survive out there on his own, footage of Jason is cut in to take the place of Elliot.

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All of the footage with the townspeople reacting in fear to the massive Elliot, syncs up perfectly with footage of Jason from various Friday the 13th movies, including the iconic sleeping bag kill from Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood. Ironically, Paramount is finally moving forward on their long-gestating Friday the 13th remake, hiring director Breck Eisner just a few weeks ago. It was previously revealed that this story will include Jason's entire family, his mother Pamela and his long-lost father Elias.

Sadly, Jason doesn't have a precocious young brother in Friday the 13th lore, but, if this story does plan on revisiting the past, with Jason as a young boy, perhaps Oakes Fegley could be the right youngster for the job. It seems possible that may be the case, since it has been teased that this project gives Jason a new origin story, although little else is known about the project. Now that a director has come aboard, perhaps we'll get some casting news in the near future.

Pete's Dragon star Karl Urban is also seen in this mashup, which you can check out below. Of course, since Pete's Dragon is a Disney project and Friday the 13th is coming together at Paramount, there isn't any sort of corporate synergy between these two vastly different films, but it's certainly possible that young Oakes Fegley could end up playing Jason, if the filmmakers are looking at actors within his age range. While we wait for more details on Friday the 13th, take a look at this humorous mashup below.