Icons of Fright recently spoke with director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep) about various projects. Here are some updates on horror projects being rumored about...

-The widely reported rumor that New Line is going to be producing a new Phantasm trilogy is NOT true! Apparently, it was a premature leak and the deal did not pan out for whatever reasons. Coscarelli said he would definitely like to do them because he loves working with Reggie and Angus, but wants to wait for the right studio that will treat the franchise respectfully. Good for you, Don!

-He fully intends on doing a sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep, it’s just a matter of “when”. He said Bruce loved being Elvis and he’s rarin’ to go again! He also told mea fact involving The King and kung-fu! Did you know that he was like an 8th Degree black belt in karate and he sparred in dojo’s with the Memphis Mafia, who let him kick the crap outta them because, after all, he’s The King? All true!

-Don also told us that right after the premier of his Master of Horror episode (which totally rocked by the way, more on that later) entitled “Incident On and Off A Mountain Road”, he has to go and shoot a few additional scenes to round out the running time for the Asian market. These additional scenes will only air in Japan. Konichiwa!

As well, the site also got the scoop on the Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things remake rumor straight from Director Bob Clark...

Director Bob Clark is making steady progress with his Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things remake. Actor Adam Beach, previously seen opposite Nick Cage in Windtalkers and recently cast in the new Clint Eastwood WWII movie, has been confirmed as the male lead. Clark intends on remaining true to the original movie’s spirit, while updating it slightly with a few interesting twists for today’s audiences. This time around, a group of filmmakers head out to shoot at an old mansion on an island with a bizarre past. Ghouls show up, calamity ensues with a heapin’ dollop of humor.

“Other films have handled zombies with comedy before, but in those movies it’s the humans that are comedic in the way they react to the zombies. Well, we wanted a fresh approach, so in this one I want to show our ghouls living it up, doing the funny stuff while the people run around horrified! It’s going to be outrageous and frightening, but we’re also having fun with the genre. Think Monty Python with zombies!” says Clark.

An important role yet to be cast is Orville the ghoul, played in the original by the versatile Alan Ormsby. Bob dropped a few names, off-record of course, and if ANY of them sign on for Orville it’s going to make fans very, very happy!

Shooting begins early next year, mostly in Vancouver. This marks Bob Clark’s return to the genre since his classic Black Christmas in 1974, which incidentally is getting its own remake treatment (fully approved by Bob) by Glen Morgan and James Wong of Final Destination fame!