The Stone Report has just gotten word from Philip Seymour Hoffman that he hasn't been officially cast in the potential upcoming The Dark Knight sequel, nor has he even been offered the role. Rumor has the acclaimed actor playing The Penguin in the next Batman film. While at the Toronto International Film Festival, Hoffman spoke about the rumor for the first time, and didn't completely rule out his participation.

Hoffman stated, "Some friend of mine told me he read that. First I heard of it." Phillip said that no one from Warner Brothers has given him a call as of yet, continuing with, "I grew up a comic book fan, so I love that stuff. I love going to that stuff. I think what they're doing with that whole Batman story is really true to what that whole Batman thing has always been. It's one of the darkest origins of a superhero, to get all nerdy and geeky on you. That character sees his parents gunned down as a young child: I remember when I was a kid reading that story, so seeing it now come to life as the dark tale that it really is as an intense, really dark, very visceral, adult tale that they're doing now, all the great work people are doing on it, of course I wouldn't say, 'Well, no, no no.' But I don't know the reality of it, so I wouldn't say 'yes' to you."

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So, there you go folks. Philip Seymour Hoffman hasn't been offered the role as of yet. But he hasn't ruled out taking the role if it is offered to him. Take that for what you will.