Philip Seymour Hoffman is on board to produce the new TV drama Upstate, a project we exclusively broke the news on in January. While Philip Seymour Hoffman will executive produce the new HBO series, it isn't clear if he will star in the project.

The story centers on a prison guard named Roy who lands a new job, relocating his family to a town that has been built around a for-profit prison facility. Robert Glaudini and Brett C. Leonard (Hung) wrote the pilot script. Emily Ziff will also serve as executive producer alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robert Glaudini, and Brett C. Leonard.

Philip Seymour Hoffman will reunite with Robert Glaudini once again on this project. Robert Glaudini wrote the stage play for Jack Goes Boating and the screenplay for the movie version, both of which featured Philip Seymour Hoffman as the title character. Philip Seymour Hoffman also made his directorial debut with the movie version of Jack Goes Boating.

We spoke with Robert Glaudini back in January, when he was promoting the Blu-ray and DVD release of Jack Goes Boating. Here's what he had to say about Upstate back then.

"Upstate is the story of the community that develops around a private prison, which is run for profit. In other words, the prison is built and as people work there and as the economy improves in that immediate area, a suburban community develops around this industry. It will not be an upstairs-downstairs story. The main characters are a correctional officer, his wife and his two kids. It will be about how the job impacts his family and other families in the community. We're kind of excited about it. We think it could make a great story."

No production schedule was given for Upstate at this time.