Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban:WireImage, the UK's The Sun, and Coming Soon! have scored new images from the set of the 3rd Harry Potter film.

- A scooper was on set to take some photos. Coming Soon! has the images! CLICK HERE

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In addition, Coming Soon! also got a small set report from the scooper:

"Shooting on the third Harry Potter is underway already at Leavesden studios - A local road has been closed for about 12 hours a day for the past few days. Got some pictures today but unfortunately not much going on during daylight! When it gets dark those huge cranes lift lightboxes into the air to illuminate an area (I would guess) around 50 square metres. Not sure what exactly they are shooting as it is impossible to get very close. Have tried taking some night pictures (the cranes can be seen for a good mile or so) but they look very bad! I will try to get some around dusk today or tomorrow, assuming the lighting is up. Also, something is being built and stored in the back lot, hard to say what though."

- The WireImage photos are just thumbnails unless you have an account. CLICK HERE

- For The Sun photos from the set, CLICK HERE

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