Movie PictureFreddy vs. Jason: The creeps over at Bloody-Digusting have scored the very first pictures from the set of Freddy vs. Jason taken from a recent set visit by E! News Wire!!! Check them out right now! CLICK HERE{@IMG:LDWdrIWba7HDYNzwJduLjFjUtJwkfB|Movie [email protected]}

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: UK's MSN site has posted 20 new shots from the production of The Two Towers! Check these babies out now! CLICK HERE

Thanks to 'Fatty'

Johnny English:UIP Netherlands have posted new stills from the up and coming Johnny English. Take a look, CLICK HERE

Catch Me If You Can:Latino Review has a great shot up of DiCaprio and Hanks in Speilberg's Catch Me If You Can. Movie Picture

Cat In The Hat: Finally, a real good shot of Mike Myers as The Cat In The Hat has been released. CLICK HERE

The Matrix: Reloaded: Wanna see Monica Belluci geared up for her character in The Matrix: Reloaded? CLICK HERE to check her out as she poses for the latest character one sheet for the new sequel.

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets: Catch the official webcast of the premiere, presented by Warner Bros., on November 3rd at 6:30AM Pacific, 9:30AM Eastern. The premiere will feature the red carpet arrival of the cast, director, and celebrity guests.

You can catch the webcast at one of the 2 official sites:

CLICK HERE for the U.S. site.

CLICK HERE for the U.K. site.

In addition, Jason Isaacs told Sci-Fi Wire about the experience of working on a Potter film. CLICK HERE

And in even more news, Chris Columbus poke with USA Todayabout the various effect shots that will be gracing the new movie as well. CLICK HERE

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: The second trailer for the film will be released on November 15th, coincide with a relaunch of the official site to feature more T3 goodies!

Ice Age 2: John Leguizamo spoke to LatinoReview in a recent interview about the possibility of a sequel to Disney's Ice Age:

Any chance you coming back in animation?

John L: Ice Age 2? It's coming up. Yup, were in talks right now. I mean it was a huge hit, it was an unexpected hit for FOX that it revived their animation Dept [Laughs]. Yeah they had nailed their window shut, locked it and now they had to get a crowbar and open it up again. [Laughs]

Trainspotting 2: Ewan MacGregor talked to Empire Online recently about reprising his role as the character he played in the original film:

"At first, I was quite skeptical about it. Quite some time ago I was asked if I wanted to play Renton again and I said no - it's a funny thing to go back. I've never done it before - except for the Star Wars character - and I thought it was best left. What if you made a sequel to Trainspotting and it wasn't good? It would be a terrible shame. But then I read the book and went, "Ah, it's fantastic!" 'Cause it was so nice to find what they're all up to, you know. Sick boy and wee Spud and Begbie - fuckin' hell…so we'll see. The only thing to say is that if the script is good enough you'd go for it. I've lost that immediate negative feeling I won't do it"

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