Edison: 'Mark' from Hollywood North Report has pointed us towards some new photos of Justin Timberlake, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey on the set of Edison, now shooting in Vancouver...

Filming started on Saturday March 13th for the much hyped Edison and HNR photographers were out in force. The first day of production took place at the Vancouver Public Library Main Branch on Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver and the first shots done were exteriors with Justin Timberlake filmed going in and out of VPL and then later Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman filmed together leaving the building. Some shots of Timberlake and Spacey talking with each other on the street were also done as you can see below. After that they moved inside the building to do some scenes in what was said to be an office setting. We’re going to be staying very close to Edison over the month and a half production schedule which is said to be very location dependent or what’s being referred to as a "street story". All of the above actors can be seen in the following 4 pictures.

CLICK HERE to view the behind-the-scenes photos!

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.