Elektra:Hollywood North Report have scored a slew of new photos from the upcoming Daredevil spin-off, Elektra, strarring Jennifer Garner...

HNR Photographer C Feldman was on location for Elektra’s first day of filming in Vancouver City proper on Thursday at the Beatty Gate Building in Downtown Vancouver. The first location work done a few days ago was at Porteau Cove just off the Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Squamish (as seen in the colourpress.com/Flynet Pictures) and the production started things off with what was said to be a ‘very large indoor snow scene’ filmed Monday/Tuesday at Lions Gate Film Studios in North Vancouver. Now on to the shots from our very own Mr. Feldman including the super sultry leather topped Jennifer Garner and a couple shots of Will Yun Lee’s sword getting sharpened (we did see Will on set today so has signed on).
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