King Kong:The Dominion Post have snapped a shot of 'Skull Island', featured in Peter Jackson's reimagining of King Kong...

The Skull Island set is being built on land above Massey Memorial near Shelly Bay in Wellington and appears to be a bigger-scale version of the Skull Island set at Lyall Bay, where filming took place last month. RELATED: Godzilla Vs. Kong Final Battle Statue Unveiled and It'll Demolish Your Wallet

A large ancient-looking wall dominates the set and could be the section through which Kong will break.

In the original 1933 movie, Skull Island was a key location and included a big wall that separated the giant gorilla and dinosaurs from the rest of the island.

In past interviews, Jackson has indicated his enthusiasm for Skull Island scenes, saying he wants it to look like a "jungle from hell".

Land above the movie mogul's Stone St workshops had been leased from Wellington Airport to stop the curious taking photographs of the set below, which included the ship that transports Kong to New York, the SS Venture. According to a Kong fan website, Jackson has bought an old ship and redesigned it to match the studio boat. Photos published on the website look very much like a rusty hulk moored at Shelly Bay.

At the same time, a mini New York seems to have sprung up in Seaview.

In addition, The have taken new photos of the NYC sets.

CLICK HERE for shots of the New York set near Seaview, New Zealand.

CLICK HERE for the supposed New York set near Wellington, New Zealand.