Actor Pierce Brosnan will star in the next project from Danish director Susanne Bier entitled All You Need Is Love. Susanne Bier will direct from her own script, and it is said that the filmmaker wrote the part with Pierce Brosnan in mind.

No plot details were given, although this will be a romantic comedy that centers on a Danish family. It isn't clear yet if this will be an English-language project, Danish or bilingual. Here's what Susanne Bier had to say about the project.

"It's a tender story with a much lighter atmosphere than my previous works: Enough with conflicts."

Here's what Pierce Brosnan had to say about the movie, which is equal parts comedy and drama.

"It's a comedy -- a love story which has punch and deals with loss and a great love."

Filming will start on All You Need Is Love in Amalfi this spring. Susanne Bier took home an Oscar last weekend for Best Foreign Language Film with In a Better World.