It took a couple of stoners to top the home video charts this past week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pineapple Express took the top spot in all three home video charts for the week ending January 11.

The Seth Rogegn/James Franco comedy handily beat out three other new releases for the top spot on the all three charts, with the closest competitor being the Robert De Niro/Al Pacino thriller Righteous Kill, which took the second spot in both the sales and rental charts. However, the film came in a distant second in sales, generating just 35% as much sales revenue as Pineapple Express, although the title did manage 86% of the rental revenue. The other new releases of the week were the action films Babylon A.D. and Bangkok Dangerous, which finished in fourth and fifth place on the sales charts, respectively.

On the high-def charts, Pineapple Express knocked The Dark Knight down to second place, with newcomers Righteous Kill in third place, Babylon A.D. in fourth and Bangkok Dangerous in sixth, right behind Eagle Eye.