A Disney classic is back on top of the home video charts, and that's no lie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pinocchio's new 70th Anniversary Edition was the top-selling DVD for the week ending March 15. The disc also topped the Blu-ray sales charts in impressive fashion. It was said that 15% of the discs' sales were in the Blu-ray format, a high percentage for a family title.

Also debuting this week were the comedy Role Models and the actioner Transporter 3, both of which had solid opening weeks. Role Models took second place in both the DVD sales and Blu-ray sales charts, with Transporter 3 taking third place in both charts. Role Models also was the top rental of the week, with Transporter 3 right behind in second place.

Last week's big winner, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, slipped to fourth place on the DVD sales charts, just ahead of the only other notable DVD debut, Milk, which took fifth place in DVD sales and fourth place in rentals.