Official websites were launched today for the upcoming end-of-summer films Piranha 3D, due in theaters nationwide on August 20, and Machete, which will arrive on Labor Day weekend starting on September 3.

You can find the Piranha 3D site at and once inside the site you can check out information on the cast and crew, watch the trailer, download The Shredder App for your iPhone, browse photo galleries, download desktop wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers and IM icons and you can also play the Survive the Attack game where you can see how long you would fare in the water with these deadly fish.

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CLICK HERE to browse this new Piranha 3D official website.

Piranha 3D Official Movie Site

The Machete site was launched at and inside you can get closer glimpses into all of the main characters, read a details synopsis of the film, flip through images in a new photo gallery and take a look at the film's trailer.

CLICK HERE to check out Machete's new official website for yourself.

Machete Official Movie Site