According to Variety, Gallic film company Wild Bunch is jumping into the deep end with a Piranha remake. The company has a script for the project, penned by Eraser and The Scorpion King helmer Chuck Russell, that it will market for the first time at AFM.

Wild Bunch handled international sales on George Romero's Land of the Dead, flogging worldwide rights to Universal, and it distributed the film theatrically in France.

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Budgeted at E16 million-E20 million ($19.3 million-$24.1 million) and produced by Chiller Films, Piranha will shoot in the U.S. in March or April, Wild Bunch said Wednesday. Cast is not yet in place.

In the original 1978 Piranha, a particularly nasty prehistoric strain of the flesh-eating fish is unleashed in Arizona's Lake Havasu just as college kids come to party there.

"What's great about cult horror films is that their fame extends beyond the number of people who actually saw them. This means it is possible to surprise audiences and show them something fresh," said Vincent Maraval, Wild Bunch's international sales topper.

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