In May, we reported that screenwriter Terry Rossio's script was completed for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Last week, producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 screenplay will be rewritten, although it wasn't known if the producer was seeking a new writer, or if he was sticking with Terry Rossio. A representative from Jerry Bruckheimer Films reached out to us today, clarifying that Terry Rossio is in fact the sole screenwriter on Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

First and foremost, Terry Rossio is absolutely, positively and definitively, the screenwriter of Pirates 5. As I'm sure you know, the development and writing of screenplays are a constantly evolving creative process. The "we" in Mr. Bruckheimer's comments that you quoted was meant to be inclusive of Mr. Rossio."

Jerry Bruckheimer himself also took to his Twitter account just minutes ago to confirm the news.

Jerry Bruckheimer Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Tweet
"#PiratesoftheCaribbean screenwriter Terry Rossio doing his usual phenomenal work on P5"

We still don't know when production may start on Pirates of the Caribbean 5, although actor Kevin McNally told us exclusively that they are aiming for a summer 2012 production start.