The worldwide box office numbers for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End actually turned out to be more than originally thought. According to Variety, there was at least $6 million worth of ticket sales that didn't get counted during the original tally. In all, the latest in the Pirates franchise has earned close to $404 million in just six days.

On the reverse side of that delightful news, the domestic box office numbers actually went down from what was originally reported. The U.S. tally dipped by $2.2 million. That means it only made $139 million, rather than the originally reported $142 million.

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Walt Disney's Mark Zoradi commented that Pirates has, "truly becoming a cultural phenomenon all over the world. The global box office returns have continued to exceed our expectations and estimates."

The $404 million worldwide gross means that Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End beat out the $382 million that Spider-Man 3 made in its first six days of release around the globe.