It seems like Disney is looking to double dip at the expense of consumers with the eventual release of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD. However, the release promises to be one of their most lavish.

In a story from DVD Newsroom, it seems like the Mouse House is going to release a regular version of Pirates 2 at Christmastime, and then sometime in 2007 they will be releasing the disc on Blu-ray DVD.

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Extras for both releases are expected to be quite abundant and director Gore Verbinski is going to be heavily involved. Some of the things consumers can expect are commentary tracks with "integrated branching," with talent from the film on one track and the special effects wizards on another.

Aside from getting people to pay twice for the same title, Disney president and CEO Bob Iger has also cited technology as another factor for withholding the Blu-ray release until next year.

"We need a few things in terms of platform penetration," Iger said. "It's still early in the life of next-generation DVD to predict. In all likelihood, adoption of next-gen DVD will be slower to market than standard-definition DVD, which was rather dramatic."