Back when Hailee Steinfeld joined the cast of Universal's summer sequel Pitch Perfect 2, it was said that she will take over the franchise as more sequels are being planned to revolve specifically around her character. Now, star Rebel Wilson has confirmed that Pitch Perfect 3 is indeed happening, and that she will return. The Australian comedienne wasn't able to confirm that Anna Kendrick is coming back. But its believed that Hailee Steinfeld is signed for at least 3 films including Pitch Perfect 2.

The summer movie landscape doesn't have too many comedies this year, but everything coming over the course of the next four months are all possible heavy hitters. Pitch Perfect 2 will likely be a gigantic smash hit when it opens on May 15, as the series has racked up a huge and loyal fan base since the first arrived in 2012. Hot Pursuit arrives the week before, starring Sofía Vergara and Reese Witherspoon. It will appeal to the same audiences and also promises to be a hit with franchise potential. Spy has been getting extremely good word of mouth, and arrives with the sequel Ted 2 this June. And Trainwreck, which, like Spy, garnered incredible reviews coming out of SXSW, will have July all to itself in terms of big comedies.

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It should come as no surprise that Universal is already planning Pitch Perfect 3. The first film was a huge hit, grossing $113 million worldwide and it spawned a hugely successful soundtrack. While Rebel Wilson has confirmed her return in Pitch Perfect 3, we probably won't hear confirmed news of the musical comedy sequel getting the green light until after the second movie opens this summer.