The Barden Bellas are back in a big way as shooting kicks off this month on the set of Pitch Perfect 3. Today, Universal Pictures has shared a first look video, which goes behind the scenes with the cast as they begin rehearsing one of their big musical numbers for the third chapter in this ongoing a' cappella saga.

Pitch Perfect 3 is one of the few films with the balls to take on Star Wars: Episode VIII this December. And it looks like they are trying to get a foot up on their competition. While there is no way the Bellas will beat Luke Skywalker and Rey's first adventure together, they will arrive as a nice alternative at the box office, and the sequel should be a hit in its own right. So it's never too early to start getting fans and newcomers excited.

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Pitch Perfect is one of the few ongoing franchises that doesn't currently revolve around superheroes, space robots are giant explosions to sell itself home. The previous two films have proven to be substantial hits, and have cultivated its own unique fan base. Pitch Perfect 3 promises to be the biggest entry in the series yet, and as you can see in this fun video, the Bellas are planning some big surprises for this Christmas.

This sneak peek gives us our first good look at the Barden Bellas since was last saw them in 2015's Pitch Perfect 2. Sadly, this first look doesn't even hint at what songs might make the cut this time around. It does highlight all of the hard work and participation that goes into bringing these comedies to life. And it serves as an excellent reminder of the chemistry these young actresses all share.

As for the returning cast, Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow will all be back. Strangely, Alexis Knapp, who plays Stacie Conrad, is absent from this particular video. As of now, the character is still listed as returning for the sequel. She just apparently wasn't available for this day of rehearsals. Let's hope that doesn't put her a step or two behind everyone else.

Universal Pictures has not released an official synopsis for Pitch Perfect 3 at this time. And the movie's marketing campaign hasn't even officially kicked off yet with shooting just starting to begin. It will be a few more months until we see the first trailer. Elizabeth Banks is set to return, but she did step down as director of the movie just prior to production. She will continue on as an executive producer. Until Christmas 2017 arrives in just under 12 months, we'll have videos like this to keep us company. The Barden Bellas will return on December 22, 2017. Take a look as they get ready for their big return.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange