While fans continue to wait for the first footage from Pixar's The Good Dinosaur, Disney has released a brief preview video that shows director Peter Sohn drawing the main character, a dinosaur named Arlo, from scratch.

Peter Sohn was originally set as the co-director alongside Bob Peterson, until Peterson was removed from the project in August 2013. This lead the studio to move the release date from May 30, 2014 to November 25, 2015. Our report from August 2013 stated that Pixar was looking to replace Bob Peterson with another filmmaker, while Peter Sohn remained on as the co-director. Now it seems that Peter Sohn is taking over as the sole director on the project.

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The last we heard about The Good Dinosaur was back in August, when voice cast member John Lithgow revealed that the script has received a complete rewrite, and that he is going in to record new dialogue. The story centers on a family of dinosaurs, with Lucas Neff voicing young Arlo. John Lithgow and Frances McDormand lend their voices to Poppa and Mommma, while Bill Hader and Neil Patrick Harris portray Arlo's brothers Forrest and Cliff, and Judy Greer voices Ivy.

Take a look at this brief preview below, and stay tuned for the first footage from The Good Dinosaur.