Adam Sandler saves the world in Pixels, the latest film from celebrated director Chris Columbus. Pixels begins in the early 80s with a bunch of nerdy kids duking it out at a video game competition. The event is recorded by NASA, then launched into space on a probe. Aliens intercept the probe and believe the video is a declaration of war. Thirty years later, the aliens attack earth using classic video game characters such as Pac-Man, Centipede, and Donkey Kong. With the military ineffective against the pixelated threat, the government calls in the nerds to do what they do best!

Sony Pictures hosted the Pixels's press event at Dave and Buster's in Manhattan's Times Square. Surrounded by the latest in gaming technology, the cast celebrated the simple fun of the classic, old school 2D favorites. Check out our interviews below where Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad, and Director Chris Columbus discuss who's really got gaming skill, the difficulties of making Pixels, and why nerds are the best kissers.

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While a lot of video game adaptations haven't fared well at the box office, Pixels takes a unique approach, created a new story for some of the genre's best known characters. The finale of the movie brings all of these arcade classics together in one epic showdown that is unmatched by any other movie. If you ever dreamed of watching Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Centipede team up to munch on Adam Sandler and his friends, this is the movie for you!

Though, not all of the video game characters are bad. After making a well-received return in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph, fan-favorite 80s icon Q-Bert is back on the screen for the second time in this decade. Can we all agree he's made the comeback of the century? Here, he helps our heroes battle the evil alien invasion and even becomes somewhat of a mascot. Another video game character that arrives to help out in this time of need is Ashley Benson's Lady Lisa, who was created specifically for the movie and may or may not be a love interest for Josh Gad's Ludlow Lamonsoff.

Check out our exclusive video interviews, with Julian Roman serving as host. We get to learn more about the making of this exciting sci-fi comedy. And there is plenty of action and excitement to go around. Pixels is in theaters this weekend, and promises to be one heck of a good time. And fans of quarter arcades and the iconic joystick are sure to have a blast as these four friends reunite to save earth. Can they do it? Or will Pac-Man and Donkey Kong rule all!

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