And we thought it was just amazing to watch...

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that "Planet Earth: The Complete Series, from BBC Video, has generated $3.2 million in consumer spending since its April 24 release on both the HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats, according to figures provided by Warner Home Video."

Helping these numbers is that the "average sales price" of this set is "about $70, that translates to about 42,000 units" sold.

Interestingly, this places it ahead of the next generation versions of The Departed, moneywise. "Sales of Departed recently topped the 100,000-unit mark, but at an average street price of $25, the total amount of money generated was less than Planet Earth. To date, Departed" has sold 102,000 units and generated about $2.8 million in consumer spending."

"The consumer response to Planet Earth: The Complete Series on both high-definition formats has been absolutely incredible, and we are truly proud to be a part of it," stated Warner Home Video president Ron Sanders. "This landmark series was made for high definition, and Planet Earth will be an iconic staple in our natural-history documentary library for a very long time."

Planet Earth: The Complete Series "contains the original, unedited British version of the celebrated series, narrated by David Attenborough."