Reports surfaced over the weekend that suggests Wes Ball's upcoming Planet of the Apes movie will serve as a reboot for the franchise. This, despite the fact that the most recent reboot only ended in 2017. Well, fans have now taken to social media to air their grievances over this decision, with the idea of another reboot seeming pretty unpopular.

"@20thcentury please do not reboot planet of the apes. How come studios think reboots are the answer the past 3 movies were awesome and you should continue it from where it left off."
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This fan, like many others, has grown increasingly fed up with reboots, arguing that the recent movies should simply be continued. A feeling that is shared by many.

"Wtf why!??? Just continue on with the story."

Some are so against a continuation that they have even resorted to salty language to best convey their annoyance.

"WHY! Just f***ing continue the story."

Others have gone back to the wonderful words of Wayne's World to declare their innermost thoughts on the idea of another Hollywood reboot, especially one coming from Disney.

"Oh wow so orginal and creative NOT."

There are some fans though who are not fazed by the thought of a Planet of the Apes reboot, and quite reasonably, they just want to see a good movie.

"Honestly, if Wes Ball's Planet of the Apes is a reboot, I'll be fine. Yeah, I would love to see him continue the story through Cornelius but that doesn't guarantee it'll be good. All that matters to me is that it's a good movie."

Some have even suggested a direction that the new movie could go in, rather than just once again retreading old ground.

"Why not make a Kamandi movie instead of telling a story already perfectly told (and with practical makeup effects). Stop rehashing."

Though the upcoming movie being a reboot has yet to be officially confirmed by the studio, Ball has promised a faithful adaptation of the long-running series.

"I'll say this about Apes... I grew up on the original and absolutely love the previous trilogy. I would only do this if I felt I could offer something special while still honoring what's come before. We have something that's shaping up to be an awesome chapter to this franchise."

The last Planet of the Apes movie in the most recent trilogy, War for the Planet of the Apes, saw ape-leader Caesar take on a rogue army who kill his wife and son. Setting out on a revenge mission, his quest for retribution reveals his darker instincts, before leading him on a path to become the leader the apes need. The movie ends with Caesar succumbing to his wounds, and many theorized that the series would continue with Caesar's son, Cornelius.

This potential reboot does not yet have a release date, but will be coming from 20th Century Studios.