Just a quick heads up here. We've got some cool stuff for here.

First off the A.I. and 15 Minutes trailers have been updated in the Movie Trailers section with higher quality versions. If you haven't downloaded these suckers yet, you'll definetly want to now.

RELATED: Disney's New Planet of the Apes Director Tells Fans Not to Worry: You're in Good Hands Movie rumors are abundant on the internet right now about the second coming of the Matrix. 100 Neos? Yeah right. Some new tidbits can be found here.What do you make of this news..."Conan 3?" I know. It's interesting. Find out more. {@IMG:EIafdlYOzO8RnPwFtuqRdZqi8Rahrd|Movie [email protected]} The Planet of theApes trailer is up! To tell you the truth I wasn't very excited for this movie, but now, after experiencing the trailer I am convinced that this movie is a "must see."

The Official Planet of the Apes website is also definetly worth the trip. While you're there don't forget to take a look at the Tim Burton interview! This movie is going to be huge!That's it for now! Get The Rental and review it suckers!

Stay Tuned...~Brian

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