Planet Of The Apes is out! It's weird! It has thousands of burnt monkeys being flung into the air! But does it have pugs? That's what I thought. Check out the trailer far superior to any summer movie offered this season. Oh Yeah! Holy Crap! Check out IFILM's HUGE Guide to The Planet Of The Apes Universe! They put Planet of the Pugs on top of its Planet-of-the-Apes-related film list! It just keeps getting bigger! At this pace, we're gonna be seeing some Academy Award action with our little pug flick in a few months.

The summer season is almost over, and with it ends this year's attack of huge, expensive CGI filled movies. But not to worry! Take a look into next seasons film offerings with trailers like Zoolander and/or the masterfully titled Jeepers Creepers.

Lately, movie websites have been taking on DVD like qualities. (Fight Club DVD qualities, not Pulp Fiction). Sometimes qualities cooler than the movie themselves. While movie sites used to be strictly limited to a trailer and possibly some pictures, this seasons releases have been loaded with everything frominternet-only spin-off shows to wrinkle simulators. Yet out of everything, from exclusive internet interviews to really cool interactive blueprints, no other site can compare to the creepy enjoyment that is chatbot. Who needs friends when you can spend your social time conversing with a nonexistent automated computer? Featured on the A.I. site, surfers are able to talk with an A.I. personality that learns your name, age and has the uncanny ability to interact to an almost scary level. However, when I typed "Lights Out Entertainment," it replied "how does it taste?." I think I broke it.

Movie PictureAs if it wasn't enough to be waiting for the super detailed McFarlane Movie Maniac figures coming in the end of September (including the ultra detailed likes of The Terminator, T 1000, The Blair Witch, Freddy Krueger, Candyman, Evil Ash, motion activated 18 inch Leatherface and Ash figures AND a boxed Jaws diorama), a Suncoast/Sam Goody exclusive two pack of Ash and the Pit Witch from Army of Darkness will be in limited release! Four Army of Darkness figures in one month! It's a dream come true! Now if only we could get a box set of all three...Coming (hopefully somewhat) soon: Death's End Episode 1! And possibly the only action movie with a stuffed Koala...Takeback! As for me, I'm off to start standing in line for those Ash figures. Have fun. ~Steve