Last year, Jimmy Kimmel Live! brought on rapper and actor Snoop Dogg for a new sketch where he provided his own narration to the BBC documentary series Planet Earth, which was originally narrated by David Attenborough. Due to popular demand, Snoop Dogg appeared on the late night show several times for additional segments, which became such a hit that it spawned an online petition on, asking BBC, Discovery Communications and Animal Planet to have Snoop Dogg narrate full episodes. Snoop Dogg ended up making these petitioners dreams a reality, by launching his own nature show Planet Snoop yesterday on his YouTube channel Merry Jane.

The first episode features the rapper watching a nature fight between a squirrel and a snake, and at first, Snoop thinks the snake will easily take down the squirrel, but that doesn't exactly happen. The episode is just under two minutes long, complete with a laugh track, as Snoop calls the action as he sees it. We're not quite sure how regularly we can expect these Planet Snoop episodes to debut, but you can find them on the Merry Jane channel.

The original petition was started just two months ago, but it currently has more than 65,000 signatures. Of course, these aren't full Planet Earth episodes Snoop Dogg is narrating, like the petition asked for, but if this web series proves to be just as popular as the sketches on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, it's certainly possible that he could be brought on board. Then again, Snoop Dogg's R-rated language isn't exactly suitable for most TV networks, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Just 24 hours after the first episode debuted, it already has more than 167,000 views on the YouTube channel. The video includes Snoop Dogg commenting on how a squirrel should be able to crack a snake's head open, since it can crack open a nut, while adding that he's never seen any "s--t like this before." The video does feature R-rated language, but if you're of age and want to watch some unconventional narration to animal fights, this video is right up your alley.

We'll have to wait and see when the next episode of Planet Snoop launches, but we'll be sure to keep you posted as soon as we have it. Do you think more people would watch animal programs if Snoop Dogg was narrating the action? Could this be the start of Snoop Dogg's new nature empire? Chime in with your thoughts below after checking out the first installment of Planet Snoop.