Platinum Studios and Vanguard Animation have formed Vanguard Comics, an imprint designed to develop properties that can simultaneously be launched as comicbooks or graphic novels as well as feature films, according to Variety.

Platinum Studios CEO-chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Vanguard Animation chairman John H. Williams, producer of the Shrek series, are launching the imprint.

They've already acquired a first property, Illegal Aliens, about a skeptical tabloid reporter sent to a Texas border town to investigate cattle mutilations. The reporter uncovers stories of the chupacabra monster.

The comic was created by freelance illustrator Kevin MacDougall.

"Illegal Aliens" was among the 50 finalists of Comic Book Challenge. After Rosenberg asked Williams to be a judge, the Vantage Comics principals got the idea to join forces. Both were surprised to find a comic in the contest that fit their multiplatform hopes.