The Love Meter DVD Game: The Love Meter DVD Game from Snap TV Games gives partners a chance to ask those burning questions: Where do you really like to make love? What part of my body turns you on? This interactive DVD game leads players through a series of Q&A’s designed by a Los Angeles based pop psychologist to determine just how compatible you and your partner truly are. Easily controlled with the DVD remote control and supported with the credible knowledge of a renowned sexologist, only the Love Meter provides players a fun and illuminating game experience.

Priced at just $19.95, Love Meter will spice things up – and just might make your relationship last longer than most presents in your stocking on Christmas or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day! For more information or to purchase the Love Meter Game please visit

Snap TV Games is a Santa Monica based company that produces and distributes DVD Games. The games are played on a television set with only a DVD player and remote control. Players test their knowledge of the greatest moments in sports, history, science and popular culture by watching footage and answering trivia questions. Snap has three product lines: Sports, Kids, and General Entertainment. The Company will be releasing to retail the following five games in January 2005: NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, Eco Rangers: Animal Kingdom and Trivideo: 20th Century.

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