A lot of people were unhappy with Playboy's decision to feature its first ever transgender playmate, but it's former porn star Jenna Jameson who is speaking out against the decision to allow Ines Rau to take center stage as a centerfold. Jenna Jameson, who has posed nude in Playboy several times, issued a brief tweet, which she then defended countless times ever since the announcement was made. She insisted several times that she "loves" her gay and transsexual people, but she doesn't think that a transgender female belongs in the pages of the men's magazine.

It didn't take long after Jenna Jameson's tweet before she started responding to a barrage of messages, with one fan accusing her of "backpedaling" after she stated that she loves her "gay and trans peeps," but she reiterated that she didn't think transgendered women belonged in Playboy, period. She also responded to another fan who said that trans women are beautiful, with Jameson expressing that her opinion has nothing to do with the looks of the model, but she thinks the decision to feature a transgendered playmate, "alienates its client base."

Jenna Jameson does have a history with Playboy magazine, having appeared in the magazine in the past, and, in 2006, Playboy purchased her adult entertainment company ClubJenna for what the former porn star describes in a tweet as "a fortune." Over the past few years, though, her views have changed, slamming Playboy this June for being part of the White House Press Corps, after Playboy journalist Brian Karem slammed Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her treatment towards the media.

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Still, despite the opposition from Jenna Jameson and others Playboy made it clear they have no intentions of giving in to all of the criticism. The Playboy Instagram feed posted a new image, which features two sets of quotes. The first quote at the top was from a letter a reader sent in after the magazine revealed its first ever black Playmate in 1965, Jennifer Jackson, with a reader stating he did not need the foldout in this issue, because there are "too many negroes at this university now," presumably referring to the unnamed university he was attending. The second quote was one of the many social media interactions after the announcement of Ines Rau as the first transgender Playmate, accusing the publication of "cowering to political correctness" stating that this person will no longer subscribe to the magazine.

Playboy had been in the news quite a bit as of late, with the death of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and the news that the long-gestating Hugh Hefner biopic was finally moving forward, with Jared Leto playing Hugh Hefner in the biopic. Brett Ratner is producing that biopic, although the project doesn't have a director at this time. Take a look at some of the tweets and Instagram photos from Playboy, along with Jenna Jameson's tweets on the matter.