ON Entertainment, Wild Bunch and Pathe are planning an $80 million animated movie based on the Playmobil toys, which are popular worldwide.

ON Entertainment acquired the film rights to the Playmobil Movie, which is being co-developed by Pathe and Wild Bunch. They have brought on Bob Persichetti to spearhead the project. He previously worked as head of story on DreamWorks Animation's Monsters Vs. Aliens, Shrek 2 and Puss in Boots. He most recently worked on a reboot of the popular French novella The Little Prince, which has previously been adapted into a 1974 live-action movie and various animated series throughout the years. ON Entertainment is also producing The Little Prince, and will bring back the same creative team.

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Production on the Playmobil Movie is currently being set up in Montreal with ON Entertainment's animation division. No story details have been released for this ambitious cartoon. The toys have sold over 2.7 billion figures since their creation. Designed by Hans Beck, the toy line has become a children's favorite in over 100 countries, and is comprised of over 30 different play worlds. The play sets allow for a rich narrative to be set up, and the toys have the advantage of appealing to boys and girls equally.

Playmobil Movie is targeting an end of 2017 release date. The Little Prince will be released in France at the end of 2015, but does not yet have a domestic release date set.