Playmobil: The Movie trailer has finally arrived along with an amazing voice cast. At first glance, it looks to be cashing in on the success of The LEGO Movie, but there is enough going on to separate this one from the pack. Lino DiSalvo makes his directorial debut on the upcoming project after spending 17 years at Disney Animation. DiSalvo was the head of animation on Frozen, which just happens to be the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. So, there's definitely some muscle going on behind-the-scenes to get the movie off of the ground.

Playmobil: The Movie trailer begins when a brother and sister are sucked in the Playmobil universe. Charlie, played by Gabriel Bateman, disappears and it's up to his sister, Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) to find him in the bizarre new world. While on her mission she befriends Del, a food truck driver played by comedian Jim Gaffigan, a secret agent played by Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, a misfit robot, and a fairy-godmother played by musician Meghan Trainor. Trainor isn't the only musician on board for Playmobil: The Movie. Sometimes Queen singer Adam Lambert plays the villainous Emperor Maximus.

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The idea for Playmobil: The Movie was first planted back in 2016 and it was originally going to hit theaters in 2017, but there were some snags along the way. It was announced in early 2016 that Lino DiSalvo was on board to direct the $75 million project, replacing Bob Persichetti, who was writing a movie called Playmobil: Robbers, Thieves & Rebels. Production did not start on the movie until June of this year, with the voice cast announcement arriving in October. In addition to lending their voices to the movie, Adam Lambert and Meghan Trainor wrote original songs for the soundtrack.

Playmobil was started back in the early 1970s by German inventor Hans Beck. He spent 1971-1974 developing what would go on to be one of the biggest-selling toys in the world. Since its debut in 1974, Playmobil has sold billions of dollars-worth of the figures and sets. The figures are all based on children's drawings, especially the faces, which led to the allure of the product. While not as big as LEGO, Playmobil is still a huge company to this day, and Playmobil: The Movie looks like it has what it takes to be a box office contender.

Like LEGO, the Playmobil franchise has had bootlegging issues over the years. The products are relatively easy to make, so bootlegs are often sold in place of the real deal. Now that Playmobil: The Movie is on the way, there will be a whole bunch of new authorized sets to correspond with the release of the movie. There is currently no official release date set for the movie, but it will hit theaters sometime in the summer of 2019. While we wait for the release date, you can check out the trailer below, thanks to the Studio Canal UK YouTube channel.