PlayStation has dealt the future of Blu-ray an interesting and costly blow.

In a story from Variety, Sony used the E3 video game conference to unveil the price of the new PlayStation 3 console. Apparently, it "will cost $599 for a complete version, with a discounted version at $499." Since the PS3 will come with a Blu-ray player as part of the console, the inclusion of that machinery is what spiked costs. The $599 version will come with a 60 GB harddrive while the $499 version will have 20 GB harddrive.

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The feeling is that in addition to Sony losing money on each PS3 they sell, the price might damper the influx of Blu-ray players in homes and thus sales of Blu-ray titles.

Despite all this, Sony seems to know the power that the PlayStation 3 offers and seems willing to work through the growing pains. The company also displayed the "online interface, which will be used not only for gaming but to download other media, including movies and music, onto the PS3's hard drive."

It looks like Sony will also be creating an online store to sell content like TV episodes, movies and songs to it's users.