Netflix has released the first trailer for their upcoming action/thriller Point Blank. This is not a remake of the classic 1967 Lee Marvin movie, mind you. It is, however, a remake of a 2010 French movie of the same name. In any event, it teams up a couple of Marvel Cinematic Universe stars in the form of Frank Grillo (Crossbones) and Anthony Mackie (Falcon) for what looks to be a pulse-pounding ride. If this trailer is any indication, it's at least going to be rather entertaining.

The Netflix trailer kicks off with Anthony Mackie enjoying a nice moment with his pregnant wife. Things take an ugly turn rather fast when a mysterious figure knocks him out and kidnaps his beloved. He's then sent to free Frank Grillo's character in a rather dicey situation, which leads to them teaming up to get even with some dirty cops. Guns are fired. Cars are driven fast. Things explode. The usual. It's all set to the tune of Good Cop, Bad Cop by Ice Cube, just to put the icing on the cake. Overall, it looks theater-ready. Yet, we all get to watch this from the comfort of our living rooms next month.

Point Blank centers on an ER nurse named Paul (Anthony Mackie) who, when his pregnant wife is kidnapped and held as collateral, must team with the badly injured career criminal (Frank Grillo), who also happens to be a murder suspect. In order to save the lives of his wife and unborn child, they'll have to go up against rival gangs and a deadly group of crooked cops. The unlikely duo must find a way to survive together as they fight for their lives.

This is the latest from Joe Carnahan's production company War Party. The Grey filmmaker previously teamed with Frank Grillo for the criminally underrated Wheelman, which arrived on Netflix in 2017. Anthony Mackie, meanwhile, has a good relationship with Netflix as well, as he recently starred in an episode of Black Mirror and is also set to lead the cast of Altered Carbon season 2. Grillo and Mackie previously starred together in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War. They both appeared in this summer's Avengers: Endgame, but didn't actually share any screen time with one another.

A new poster has also been revealed, which is pretty simple as it leans heavily on its co-leads, who are at the center set against a blood-red background. As for the director, Joe Lynch is credited on IMDB. Lynch is the man behind movies such as Mayhem and Everly. However, Netflix makes no mention of Lynch in any of their materials, nor does his name appear on the movie's page on their website. So it's hard to know what's going on there. Regardless of who gets the credit, Point Blank is set to arrive via Netflix streaming service on July 12. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

Point Blank