Warning. This story contains a potentially huge spoiler for any and all Pokemon fans. And if you plan on seeing Pokémon: I Choose You! in theaters you might want to turn back right now. Otherwise, you will live the surprise vicariously through some audience members who were quite shocked.

'At what?' You might be feverishly asking yourself at this point. Well, in this latest animated movie following the adventures of Pikachu, Pikachu actually speaks the human language. And it literally knocks the wind out of some of these dudes watching the movie for the first time.

This is the 20th animated Pokemon movie, so you can forgive the studio for presenting it without much fanfare. But the this time, things are different. Most Pokemon movies have continued Ash's adventures on the big screen alongside what has transpired on the TV show. That's not true here. This movie takes fans back to the very beginning of the story.

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! has used the pilot of the TV show as its main basis, and its namesake. The plot tells Ash's first outing as a Pokemon trainer. And Pikachu is a little bit more wild. Some of the pilot's broad strokes are brought back in bold fashion. But the twist comes when Ash and Pikachu finally get a better look at the Legendary Ho-Oh, something that is improved upon from the animated series.

From this point, Ash and Pikachu are set forth on an all-new adventure that features never-before-seen Pokemon monsters. There are also a different set of companions for Ash, which was revealed earlier in the year and caused quite a bit of fan uproar. This was revealed in the trailer. But the fact that Pikachu can speak English was left out as to be a surprise for audiences.

The scene really resonated with one fan, who decided to sneak back into the theater and bootleg the scene for everyone on the Internet to watch. It's fascinating in that it gives us a listen to the audience as they hear the big reveal for the first time themselves. The scene in question shows Ash about to be obliterated by Hyper Beams. At the very last minute, Pikachu sacrifices himself, jumping in front of Ash to take the brunt of the attack. In the aftermath, Pikachu does the unthinkable.

It's fun listening to the audience watch this reveal in real-time. You can hear confusion at first, as Pikachu pours his heart out to Ash. And then they generally declare it awesome. If there is a backlash about the talking Pikachu, just know people thought it was amazing when it first happened. It's noted that this isn't just being done in English. The Japanese dubbed version of the animated sequel also has Pikachu speaking a human language.

Pokemon monsters have talked before. But most do so in broken English, unable to form complete sentences. Meowth in the TV series can do it, but he spent years training himself. There is no stated backstory for Pikachu in I Choose You! It should be noted that the Pikachu in the live-action American movie Detective Pikachu, that is currently happening right now, will also speak English. In fact, producers are searching for an American action star to play the part, with The Rock and Mark Wahlberg eyed for the role. As it stands, Pokemon: I Choose You! is one of the stranger movies in the canon. And thanks to Demon Inu for having the courage to bootleg part of the new Pokemon movie.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange