Video game site Shogun Gamer received an intriguing video which looks to contain footage from a live-action Pokemon movie. You can take a look at the footage below, and you can also read the email that was sent along with the video:

"I've been lurking this site for a while and I wanted to see if you were interested in posting this video I captured tonight. Today after work, my friend and I were invited to view a "secret movie trailer screening." We were not told what it would be, but when I got there 30 other people and myself were shown a trailer for a Pokemon live action movie. It was super sketchy but I decided to record the last 30 seconds or so of the trailer which was about 3 min long. The clip is in a zip file and the password is "gottacatchemall." I can't give you much more detail then this. I wasn't supposed to film this, but holy shit it was awesome. I'll be in touch with you guys when I can talk more about it. RELATED: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Graphic Novel Arrives, Here's a Sneak Peek

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~Professor Oak"

It wasn't clear where this "secret movie trailer screening" was held, or what company was responsible for putting this footage together. We'll be sure to keep you updated if the full three-minute trailer is leaked online or if we have more information about this live-action Pokemon movie.