Cops in Indiana unknowingly found themselves in the middle of a movie scene on Tuesday evening when they fired shots at an actor portraying an armed robber. Montgomery County Movies was filming a robbery scene at the Backstep Brewing Company just before 7pm when the officers received a 911 call about an armed robbery going on in town. The movie set must have not been marked off very well, if at all, because the cops thought that actor Jim Duff was a real-life armed robbery suspect.

When police arrived on the scene (literally), they witnessed Duff walking out of the brewery with a ski mask on, backwards while holding a handgun, which was a movie prop. As the actor was backing out of the establishment, the cops shouted at Jim Duff to drop the weapon, but he just turned around towards the officers instead, leading to one officer firing a shot and narrowly missing Duff and hitting the building behind him. The officers said they felt their lives were in danger and fired at Duff. Duff quickly tore of the mask and put down the gun, alerting the cops as to what was going on. Fortunately, nobody was injured as the entire cast and crew were inside the building when the incident took place.

The police officers say that nobody from the Montgomery County Movies or bar owners let them know that a movie was filming that night and they definitely didn't let anybody know that they were filming an armed robbery scene. Jim Duff was held under arrest by the police until they were able to verify his story. The shooting is still being investigated at this time, but the community and police are working together to put actions in place to make sure that this mistake doesn't happen again. For starters, you might want to let the cops know that you're filming an armed robbery scene ahead of time.

Apparently, since the entire cast and crew were inside the brewery, there was no way for the cops to know that they had just arrived on the set of a movie. The cops couldn't see what was happening inside and the crew could not make out what was happening outside until they all heard the gun shot ricochet off the building, missing Jim Duff by mere inches. Witnesses say they heard a single gunshot and came out of a business across the street. They saw an officer with his gun drawn and saw the suspect drop to the ground while yelling, "It's a movie."

Montgomery County Movies owner Philip Demoret was the second man dressed as a bandit in the scene. He was not outside at the time of the incident but was standing next to the glass door. He heard officers yelling as he started to exit and backed off immediately. As he peaked out the door he saw several officers with guns drawn and still yelling at Duff to get on the ground before he heard the shot. Jim Duff said, "As I came out of the brewery and saw the officers, I quickly complied and threw off the mask and dropped the gun." Again, all parties involved are lucky that nobody got hurt. The news comes to us via Fox News.