International action star Jackie Chan returns to his hit Police Story action franchise with Police Story: Lockdown, arriving in theaters and on Digital HD today, June 5, from Well Go USA. To celebrate this upcoming release, we have an exclusive clip featuring Jackie Chan squaring off with the shovel-wielding Wu Jiang (Ye Liu). This is the sixth movie in Jackie Chan's Police Story franchise that has been going strong for 30 years, following Police Story (1985), Police Story 2 (1988), Police Story 3: Supercop (1992), Jackie Chan's First Strike (1997), and New Police Story (2006).

Police Captain Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) knows all about sacrifice. He's always been too busy chasing bad guys to be a father to his daughter Miao (Tian Jing). Tonight, he's seeing her for the first time in years - and meeting her fiance, club owner Wu Jiang (Ye Liu). But Wu knows Zhong. And his plans for the evening include taking Miao, Zhong, and the entire club hostage. Zhong knows about sacrifice. What will he give up to save his daughter?

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The supporting cast includes Tao Yin, Yiwei Liu, Wei Na, Xiaoou Zhou and Rongguang Yu. Will you head to the theaters this weekend to watch Jackie Chan in action in Police Story: Lockdown? Check out our exclusive clip and chime in with your thoughts below.