Jackie Chan returns for the sixth installment of his popular Police Story series, which continues with Police Story: Lockdown. The first trailer has arrived, which is just as jam-packed with incredible action as you might expect! We also have the new US poster which features the legend himself, beat-up, bruised and ready for a gun fight!

In Police Story: Lockdown, Captain Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) knows all about sacrifice. He's always been too busy chasing bad guys to be a father to his daughter Miao (Tian Jing). Tonight, he's seeing her for the first time in years...And meeting her fiancee, club owner Wu Jiang (Ye Liu)!  But Wu knows Zhong. And his plans for the evening include taking Miao, Zhong, and the entire club hostage.

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Will Zhong be able to save his daughter and the rest of the unsuspecting patrons that have walked into this trap? Or will this be Captain Wen's last ride? Take a look at this exciting sneak peek, then be sure to mark your calendars for June 5, when Police Story: Lockdown, the latest chapter in one of the greatest Hong Kong action franchises ever, hits theaters and On Demand! Kung Fu fans don't want to miss this...

Police Story 6 Lockdown Poster