Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that they've confirmed that Mandate Pictures (MGM) is moving forward with a remake of the classic horror flick from Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist.

We've been reporting here for months that a remake to Tobe Hopper/Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist was in the works, we even went as far as to report that Mandate Pictures was attempting to acquire the remake rights to the franchise (read more here). We can now 100% CONFIRM - without a shadow of a doubt - that Mandate Pictures will be producing the remake for MGM. This is a fact, this is done, this is not speculation and it's time to quite denying it (yes you sh-tty fan site). The remake won't happen until post-strike, so watch for news in 2008.

Why oh why would they mess with perfection? Here's to Hollywood screwing another one up!

Stay tuned for more developments...