Game of Thrones star Kit Harington moves from the mythical land of Westeros to London in the year 79 A.D. in the first photo for Pompeii. The actor portrays Milo, a former slave who falls for a noblewoman (Emily Browning) right before Mount Vesuvius erupts. Take a look at the actor's period costume, then read on to see what he has to say about director Paul W.S. Anderson's adventure.

Pompeii Kit Harington Photo

The actor explains that this photo was taken during his first scene in the movie, where he is fighting in a gladiator arena.

"This is the first scene you see me in. It's set in London, in fact, and it's a scene where my character is a gladiator fighting in an arena. That's his gladiator look. It's a great little fight against three masked gladiators and sets up who he is and where he's going. You see me display my skills quite early on. It's a costume I don't actually wear for the rest of the film, but it's an establishing one."

He also spoke about his character's past as a slave who watched his family being killed.

"Milo is a Celt who is enslaved when he is a child and his family is killed. There's a time cut that happens in the movie where you see me go from a child to a man, and you realize he's been a gladiator for a long time. Eventually he's taken to Pompeii."

When asked to compare Milo to his Game of Thrones character Jon Snow, the actor had this to say.

"He's a good swordsman and good fighter, and quite brooding, which is all of what Jon Snow is, and he doesn't really speak a hell of a lot, even though I've got a lot of screen time. He kind of keeps himself to himself. The differences, and why I was interested in the role, were that Milo is completely set on vengeance rather than honor and justice. He's an angry, angry man who doesn't care what he does. For a large part of the film, he's driven by pure rage."

The actor also revealed that it was his decision to get himself into shape for the role, which resulted in weeks of heavy training.

""The first thing I said to [Paul] was, 'Look, I'm playing a gladiator. I feel there should be a physical transformation, if he's as strong as you say in the script. Maybe I should sort of tone up for that?' So I went into quite a heavy training regime five weeks before filming. I started by bulking up and then when I got out there I had four weeks to shred down and get toned. It's a full-time job that you have to carry on for the whole of the movie. I was on a very severe diet and training six days a week. It's the best shape I've been in, and I was hell-bent on getting in a certain way. When you get into that sort of training regime, it becomes addictive."