How do you liven up a slow news morning when you've already exhausted all of your Star Wars: The Force Awakens coverage? Easy. Have your lead news anchor pass out during the middle of a live broadcast. That's what happened on CNN earlier today. Pregnant Poppy Harlow fainted while at her desk. And we have the video from when it happened live on the air.

The news cast happened early Monday morning. Poppy Harlow was talking about the War on Terror. And then, suddenly, she wasn't talking at all. Her voice faltered, and her words failed to make much sense. At the time it happened viewers could hear something was wrong, but they couldn't see Poppy because the screen was occupied by a CNN graphic showing the results of a recent poll, which confirmed that the majority of American's are dissatisfied with the War on Terror.

There was a moment of silence as Poppy Harlow's voice gave out. The control room could be heard faintly in the background. CNN quickly cut to Brian Stelter, showing the closing moments of his Sunday media show Reliable Sources. Soon afterwards, Twitter became flooded with the hashtags #Poppy Harlow. Many were left to speculate what had actually happened. Not too shortly after, Poppy Harlow reappeared on CNN too assure viewers that she was ok. Here's what she said.

"For all of you on Twitter who are asking if I'm OK,  thank you so much. I got a little hot and I passed out for a moment. I am fine and we're going to take a quick break."

Poppy Harlow went to the hospital shortly thereafter. She didn't waste too much time in keeping her audience in suspense. She later checked in on Twitter to assure everyone that her baby girl, due in the spring, was doing fine. It was two years ago that Salt Lake City reporter Brooke Graham had a similar incident happen on air. Reporting on cross-country skiing conditions, the woman suddenly collapsed backwards in the snow while doing interviews. She later sat up to assure everyone she was fine. The anchor claimed to be suffering from altitude sickness. Take a look at the video from CNN earlier today.