Popular Movies 2020

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 (2020)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3

    • Fantasy

    The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York's secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.

    Let Him Go

      • Drama

      Following the loss of their son, retired sheriff George Blackledge (Costner) and his wife Margaret (Lane) leave their Montana ranch to rescue their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous family living off the grid in the Dakotas, headed by matriarch Blanche Weboy. When they discover the Weboys have no intention of letting the child go, George and Margaret are left with no choice but to fight for their family.

      Nightmare Alley

        • Drama

        A corrupt con-man teams up with a female psychiatrist to trick people into giving them money. A remake of the 1947 film.

        Pirates of the Caribbean 6 (2020)

        Pirates of the Caribbean 6

          • Adventure

          Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & 6 will shoot back-to-back. No plot details have been released at this time.


            • Comedy

            Will Ferrell is co-writing the comedy with Andrew Steele, which is set around the Eurovision Song Contest, the longest running annual international TV song competition that is ripe for parody.

            Greyhound (2020)


              • Drama

              Greyhound centers on a career Naval officer who is finally given command of his first ship, as he tries to prove he belongs in command.

              Disney's the Little Mermaid (2020)

              Disney's the Little Mermaid

                • Fantasy

                Disney is planning a live-action take on its classic animated movie The Little Mermaid.


                  • NONE
                  • Action

                  The action film revolves around a private expedition to the moon and the race for lunar colonization.

                  Cleopatra (2020)


                    • Biography

                    Cleopatra as a firm ruler and military tactician who embarked on a ruthless rise to power. Cleopatra twice married brothers, killing each of them as well as a sister. Romantic alliances with the much-older Roman honchos Julius Caesar and Marc Antony helped her solidify power, but her dalliance with Antony undid both of them.

                    Barbie (2020)


                      • Comedy

                      A live-action movie based on the Barbie dolls.


                        • Thriller

                        No plot details available.

                        The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: It’s a Wonderful Sponge (2020)

                        The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: It’s a Wonderful Sponge

                          • Animation

                          This is the third feature film in the 'SpongeBob SquarePants' franchise based on the popular TV series.

                          Color Out of Space (2020)

                          Color Out of Space

                            • Sci-Fi

                            A story of cosmic terror about The Gardners, a family who moves to a remote farmstead in rural New England to escape the hustle of the 21st century. They are busy adapting to their new life when a meteorite crashes into their front yard. The mysterious aerolite seems to melt into the earth, infecting both the land and the properties of space-time with a strange, otherworldly color. To their horror, the Gardner family discover that this alien force is gradually mutating every life form that it...

                            G.I. Joe 3 (2020)

                            G.I. Joe 3

                              • Action

                              The battle against C.O.B.R.A. continues in this third installment of the popular Hasbro franchise based on the comic book and cartoon series from the 80s.

                              Robocop Returns

                                • Sci-Fi

                                A true sequel to the original 1987 RoboCop movie produced by the original creators.

                                Minions: The Rise of Gru

                                  • Animation

                                  Gru gets an origin story in the Minions sequel.

                                  Fantasy Island

                                    • Fantasy

                                    A feature adaptation of the popular '70s TV show about a magical island resort

                                    False Positive

                                      • Horror

                                      No plot details.

                                      Without Remorse

                                        • Action

                                        A former Navy SEAL turned CIA operative seeks revenge after his girlfriend is killed by a Baltimore drug lord.

                                        Fear Street

                                          • Mystery

                                          A murder mystery shakes up the town of Shadyside, Ohio. Feature adaptation of R.L. Stine's book series.