Pornhub is offering a free month of their premium service to Italians stuck at home because of the coronavirus. Anyone in Italy can take part in the promotion and they do not have to enter any credit card information. Additionally, the popular adult site will be donating a percentage all of its proceeds from its Modelhub to local hospitals. The section of the site is made to help users sell their content and generates quite a lot of money.

Italian Pornhub visitors are now treated to a message that reads, "Pornhub has decided to donate its Modelhub March revenue to help Italy overcome the emergency." The rest of the message, translated to English reads, "To keep you company at home during these weeks, you'll be able to access Pornhub Premium for free for the whole month, with no need for a credit card." This is absolutely massive for a lot of people who are bored out of their minds while being stuck at home.

Italy has shut down all shops except for grocery stores and pharmacies. Authorities are threatening citizens with legal action if they break quarantine, which can get pretty serious. If caught, citizens could face three months behind bars and/or a $2,800 fine. However, if infected with coronavirus and caught breaking quarantine, Italian citizens could face the death penalty if they infect others and someone passes away as a result. With so much doom and gloom around, it's nice of Pornhub to offer a free adult movies for Italian homes.

Last month, another porn site CamSoda offered a free subscription to the 7,300 people who were stranded on the Princess Cruise vessels that were docked and quarantined outside of Japan and Hong Kong. It seems that adult-themed entertainment is one of the better way to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. As for Pornhub, it remains to be seen if they will be making their premium subscription service free to any other countries who have to go into quarantine. There's plenty to watch in the premium features, including Bella Thorne's directorial debut, Her & Him. There's even the first non-adult documentary Shakedown, which is technically free to all users, to check out.

Pornhub has been in the news a lot lately. They started an uproar with superhero fans when they used Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani's image for their Male Model category, while also revealing some interesting user data. As it turns out, superheroes, especially animated versions of the characters, are very popular on Pornhub and other adult sites. This is just a sample one of the many things citizens of Italy will be able to use for free. It's only 30 days, so people who take the offer on should find the time and use it wisely. The Next Web was the first to report on the free Pornhub premium subscriptions for Italy.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick