PornHub superhero searches may have been quite popular in 2019. But one man isn't buying into the hype, and is instead suing the adult site for not providing closed captioning on their videos. Pornhub, which hosts millions of adult videos, offers all kinds of upgrades to enhance the video watching experience. There's videos streaming in crisp HD quality, playlists, full screen modes, download options, and a ton of other features for the person looking for a good time. However, the site is making it harder for the deaf community to enjoy.

Yaroslav Suris is suing the PornHub video sharing website, claiming "it's denied the deaf and hearing-impaired access to its videos that others can easily enjoy." According to court documents, "Suris says a lack of closed captioning violates their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act."

While many are probably wondering why you would really need closed captioning for pornography, there are more than a few porn fans who do like to watch the movies for the plot and rich storylines. Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne recently directed a movie for PornHub, which has received praise. She even won an award for her efforts.

Also mentioned in the court documents are videos that Yaroslav Suris wanted to watch. "Hot Step Aunt Babysits Disobedient Nephew," "Sexy Cop Gets Witness to Talk," and "Daddy 4K -- Allison comes to Talk About Money to Her Boys' Naughty Father," are all videos that Suris wanted to watch but couldn't s understand the plot because there was no closed captioning service. Suris says that he and many in the deaf community would shell out extra dough for a PornHub Premium account, but it's pointless without being able to understand what's happening in the movies.

Yaroslav Suris is suing PornHub for an undisclosed amount of money and wants them to add closed captioning. As of this writing, the popular site has not responded to the court case publicly. Regardless, this could be a landmark case for the deaf and hearing impaired as they try to enjoy their original Bella Thorne directed Pornhub film and other adult material like anybody else. Maybe other sites, like YouPorn and XHamster, will follow suit and start adding closed captioning for all of their adult videos, though it seems unlikely.

The news comes after Prince William congratulated sign language expert Alex Duguid at Buckingham Palace using British Sign Language, bringing the deaf culture to the headlines. PornHub was also recently in the news after reporting a huge spike in viewership in South Carolina after LSU beat the unseated Clemson. PornHub's traffic surged as high as +22 percent above average after the game ended, according to the site. People like to turn to the comfort of porn in those hard times and having your team lose is certainly one of those times. As for how Yaroslav Suris' lawsuit will go, that is unclear at the moment, but it is certainly a peculiar one. TMZ was the first to report about the PornHub closed captioning controversy.