This year's Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs taking down the San Francisco 49ers in a 31- 20 game. The on-field action coupled with a Halftime Show from J-Lo and Shakria made this one of the more exciting big games in recent memory. And quite a few fans were tuned in, as evidenced from the traffic drop Pornhub experienced during all four quarters. But not surprisingly, traffic on the site soared in Kansas City minutes after the game came to its rousing conclusion.

The Super Bowl is a time for family and friends to gather around the television, eating snacks and cheering on their favorite big game commercials. Some might consider it uncouth to pull up Pornhub on a streaming app to toggle back and fourth between the game. That's usually left for after everyone goes home, and that was quite evident as Pornhub saw their traffic drop considerably during the duration of NFL's biggest ticket item.

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According to Pornhub's own statistics, their traffic plummeted by 22% heading into the fourth quarter of the big game. But once the Kansas City Chiefs were crowned victorious, traffic spiked by 12%, and specifically in the Chiefs' home town, it was back up 22%.

Throughout the game, Pornhub searches were on fire for various terms relating to the annual event. Throughout Sunday, there were surges for the search terms 'Super Bowl' and 'superbowl'. These shot up more than 5,000%. And the Halftime Show was responsible for a big surge in searches for Shakira, which were up 1,401%. Searches for 'Touchdown' were up an additional 1,664%.

If you're wondering what the term 'touchdown' brings up on Pornhub, you will be greeted with a few CGI adult videos upon typing it in that feature a naked woman and a man wearing a football helmet. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. There are also videos of girls getting turned on by watching the big game, specifically when a touchdown is scored. There are also quite a few girls in football uniforms if that's your thing. Sadly, there are no Bella Thorne Pornhub movies directly revolving around the sport of football.

Some have called Pornhub releasing their stats during a big event like Super Bowl some of the best free advertising they can do. And it gets fans interested in various search terms on the site, like 'cheerleaders' and specific adult-themed words paired together saw an increase of 923%.

The Daily Caller was the first to report on these stats, which offer a unique and interesting look into the lives of those interested in watching a little Pornhub after the big game.