A unique video from director Neill Blomkamp has appeared online, which could very well be a teaser trailer/viral video for his new project Elysium. The footage recalls the gruesome Montauk Monster that washed up on the shores of New York, just miles away from Plum Island, back in 2008. Take a look at the video below and read further for more information:

This video appeared in the latest iPad digital edition of Wired Magazine, and it was only credited as "Video by Neill Blomkamp." We reported back in September that Neill Blomkamp's next project is entitled Elysium. Not much is known about the movie, although it is believed to be set on another planet. Media Rights Capital is financing Elysium, although it is still unclear when the project will start shooting. It is also possible that this is just a fun little video that Blomkamp made for his own amusement. We have former governor Jesse Ventura on the case. We'll let you know what he finds out!

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