The Ring 2:Bloody Disgusting claims to have a description of the open sequence of The Ring sequel from the script. For those of you who don't want spoilers, go no further...otherwise,

It opens in at St. Pauls Shelter where a group of "unfortunates" are getting some soup on a cold evening. Three men by the names of Tom, Vince and Pete are talking about how "fortunate" Vince was the past few weeks, because Vince had the opportunity to watch over an apartment, Tom says, "God knows why, but they wanted the old boy to look after their condo for a few days. They were moving out or something." RELATED: Sadako Teaser & Poster: The Ghost from The Ring Is Back

They talk awhile about this, and how all that was there was TV and a refrigerator. Vince excuses himself and heads to the bathroom, he doesn't seem "right."

While in the bathroom, Vince "looks into the mirror, regarding his old, haggard face. There is something else there though. We can see it in his grim expression; in the dark rings around his eyes. His eyes look dilated, scared. Haunted. We can tell he has experienced a horror few have."

Well, something happens that freaks out Vince in the bathroom (I'm sure you can guess why) and Vince heads back out to the dinner benches where he's breaking out into cold sweats and freaking out.

The TV that is sitting in the corner of the room starts to flicker and then displays the dreaded old stone well. Then a shrieking noise starts piercing everyones ears.